Everything Aligned



Everything Aligned

Rose of Grenache, Miller vineyard, Napa Valley, California

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They say optimistic people are often late
Both of us are both…
Late, Optimistic

But we get there
At the rivers edge

It’s magic
All water is magic to me

We get in
We float
I lower my shoulders and tension goes away
Time goes away

It all goes away but for what is…

With smiles as wide as the river
I am taken by the calm water, a gentle breeze and him
Like a deep breath in and a slow exhale out

We’re off

floating into something familiar, yet new

The river captivates my attention fully
Its stunning
Illuminating and sweet like the sips of Rose upon my tongue

We float along and I could not be happier.
I think about the Japanese pouring their sake till it overflows
It signifies abundance
And it is how I feel…
Rose is what is in my glass and it spills more than it overflows as the canoe wobbles

It does not matter
The symbology is the same

I overflow
I float
And I am filled with a deep sense of contentment

He holds the canoe steady
Our eyes meet
I let go
Excited and calm
Trees on the banks dance in the wind

Let’s jump

This day
Me and her and the river will always be a part of me

Always by my side

Like this glass of rose

Overflowing like this glass of rose

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