tories by the Glass

uses imagery, poetry, short stories and music to weave narratives that are instigated or inspired by the wine and the setting of which it was a part. "We believe wine is not just a sensory experience—it's a conduit for memory—of a place, a time, a feeling, an exchange, all of which has a story.” It's through these experiences and moments we get engaged in conversations that become the very stories we’re excited to share. In creating Stories by the glass, we want to inspire connection, social gatherings and compelling storytelling.

Our glass abundantly overflows when we get to collaborate with storytellers to set words and images to the shared experiences which are Stories by the Glass.

Andrea Bogart

ANDREA BOGART is a Missouri born actress, certified yoga instructor and trained dancer. Her passions thrust her in front of the camera with guest starring roles on hit shows like Hawaii 5.0., Lucifer, The Odd Couple and a recurring role on Ray Donovan to name a few. She captured the hearts of many as Abby Haver in over 100 episodes on ABC’s General Hospital.

Bogart pays forward her devotion to Yoga and Mediation by leading classes, private sessions, events and retreats. Her love for finding the everyday joys of life and writing are intertwined in her Mindful Living blog at www.AndreaBogart.com.

Hollie McNish

Hollie McNish is a UK writer based between Glasgow and Cambridge. She has published three collections of poetry – Papers, Cherry Pie, Plum and two poetic memoirs – Slug and Nobody Told Me – of which The Scotsman stated ‘The World Needs this Book’ and which won the Ted Hughes Prize for New Work in Poetry. She loves writing, and she loves wine, and she loves the two of those together.


Jaime Wyatt

JAIME WYATT is a striking figure who walks the Earth with an old soul. Her repertoire tells stories of  heartbreak and redemption, delivered by a voice that is both rich and magnetic. Comparisons are frequently drawn to Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks and at times she has been anointed a female Tom Petty. Wyatt is a dynamic performer, dually noted as a powerhouse singer and stellar guitar player, sailing between vintage 60’s and 70’s rock n roll anthems and heartfelt ballads of love and confusion.

Erik Almas

Restless, driven, always pushing himself toward new means of technical and aesthetic expression, Erik has made a name for himself creating award-winning imagery and films for esteemed clients such as American Airlines, Microsoft, Puma, Ritz-Carlton, Kohler, Crystal Cruises, Chase Bank and tourism Campaigns for several countries.

Lucas Domingue

Lucas’ interest in music was apparent by the age of 2 when he showed a love for the drums, setting up and tearing down a drum set, pretending mini gigs in between. Once in school, sports took over where stadiums became his stage. By junior college he had studied a little guitar and music theory. On a basketball scholarship to a private Christian college he chose music as his major and performed in the choir and at churches and events regularly. After graduation Lucas was a guest artist with The Gator Beat Band, learning and playing the material his father had written before his passing, and much of Louisiana’s popular Cajun and Zydeco, which meant picking up that squeeze box. T-Luke and the Tight Suits is where it all comes together for Lucas, as front man, show man, power, and talent.

Taylor Mali

TAYLOR MALI, a TED “Best of the Web” speaker, has done little more than write & perform poetry—and teach others to do the same—since 2000. His poems “are clear. They are almost always hysterically funny, often sentimental, appealing, accessible. And smart” (Bob Holman). He is a vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching, having taught in one capacity or another since 1990.

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