Closing Eyes



Closing Eyes

Albarino, Sonoma Valley, California

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The Wine by Hollie McNish

I sit in the darkened room
for a little while
watching you
Some people like a social drink
I like to savour you
You are a taste
that I do not find
in daily life and there is nothing
like the treat
of closing eyes
and taking time and sitting back
sipping this wine
while getting ready
in a darkened room sometimes
Sometimes I feel like speed is
taking over me
The earth is orbiting
and I am losing
all control of me
You are a time machine
comprised of
clear cut glass
velvet seats
so I can stop
– and just release
my thoughts
with you

Sipping you is like
applying a new lipstick
to my mouth
just a tiny treat
run softly on
the lips
before I go out
and the frissons
of each sip
make my dreams a little louder
arouse that sense of hope
there’s still so much more
pleasure to be found here
in this life
cos I have tasted you on hilltop peaks
I have tasted you in freckled suns
I have tasted you in thunderstorms
I have tasted you in nervous lust
and when I crave that needed rush
of blood
that pick me up reminder
that there is so much more to do
- so much adventure
and excitement

That’s when
I like to take my time with you
and sit you in a darkened room a
nd close my eyes and concentrate
breathe you in and lick your juice
let your light elixir loose
let your confidence re-coat my lips
so I can taste those motivations
in every single kiss.

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