The Experience note

Wine is, in increasingly elaborate tasting notes, described through words to give us some idea of what the bottle contains.

What if there was a different kind of tasting note?
One that could describe a feeling, a moment, a memory or a story of people gathered and moments shared?

We all know our taste buds are greatly affected by the circumstances at the time they are engaged. When remembering a special meal or bottle of wine the setting and whom we were with are just as much a part of that memory.

Stories quote

As a photographer I want to create a different tasting note to the wines we are offering.

The heart of it is storytelling. Storytelling through images and short stories; Both instigated or inspired by the wine, the place the wine was made and the gathering of which it was a part.

We start with a wine; The winemaker interprets it’s place of origin and the weather of that specific growing season to create a wine reflective of the vintage and growing site.

By invitation a storyteller will create, curate or pick a story or song inspired, instigated or enjoyed with the wine. It can be anything that would describe a thought or emotion or memory related to this specific bottle…

Visual artists then create imagery inspired by this story, setting images to words. What follows is an auditory and visual representation from two artists of what this wine could be interpreted as, instigate, cause or inspire.

In short, a different kind of tasting note; An “experience note”, if we can name it so.

It describes an experience had and shared, however fleeting and ethereal, while enjoying a social moment with wine.



This project is not about wine. It’s about getting together, creating new memories and stories with food and wine as the instigator. A community of artists creating a different representation of how wine and the experience around it is interpreted and described.